Becca Carter is the owner of  C:Studios and the photographer.

She lives in Coppell, TX with her three daughters.  “They call us the ‘Carter Girls,” she says with a laugh.  Pro Photographer

Becca loves languages and graduated from BYU with her Bachelor’s in Linguistics.  She’s a bit of a foodie and a gourmet cook.  She’s done it all – been a stay-at-home-mom, played drums, worked through school, traveled Europe, fixed cars, painted houses, run a successful startup business, and prepared taxes. 

“Photography is never boring.  There’s always something happening through the lens.  You can tell someone’s story a hundred different ways, but when you express their personality, you really see THEM.  That’s what I do with a camera – help my clients to see themselves in beautiful and exciting ways.”

The Photographer

Hard at Work, Renovating the Kitchen